New 100gal and 29gal Stand

In preparation to getting the 100gal fish tank online I needed to build a stand for it. Since I picked up a 29gal fish tank from the fish auction, I decided to build the stand to accommodate it as well as any future fish tanks. The dimensions of the stand is 10′ x 18″ x 30″ (length x depth x height). I built the stand to handle 2000lbs so having the tank sitting on a concrete floor was a must.

Here is where the stand is going to go.

I need to remove the subfloor in order to uncover the concrete floor. Here is a side view of what I have to remove.

This is what it looks like after I have removed a section of the subfloor.

The stand is build and placed on the concrete floor where I have removed the subfloor.

Next step is to clean up the 100gal fish tank.

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