The First Fill of Water in to Grow Tank

The grow tank is full of water to start running the system to get it stable. Since I am only filtering for large particles and ammonia, the first water filter I used was a Rena XP4. Sweet filter and at 450 gal/hr this unit can really keep the tank clean.

The grow tank has the following equipment;

  • 1 – Rena XP4 Canister Filter with the contents of each tray
    • 2 – 20 ppi Filtration Foam, 2 – 30 ppi Filtration Foam
    • Bio Balls,  Bio Tubes and Bio-Chem Stars
    • Ammonia chips
    • MicroFilter Polishing Pad

  • 2 – 300w Fluval heaters
  • 2 – Hydor Koralla 550 gal/hr power heads to create current in the grow tank, the stronger the current is the faster and stronger the fish will grow
  • 1 – Digital thermometer
  • 1 – Automatic fish feeder
  • 1 – Automatic water top up (not installed yet)