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See How the Grow Baskets are Going to Work

Published on May 29, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

Just an experiment to see how the baskets are going to work. I ended up just filling the baskets with hydroton.

Bulkhead Installation for Drain Return Back to Grow Tank

Published on May 24, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

The bulkhead installation required a 3″ hole in the grow tank for the 1 1/2″ ABS drain pipe. The funny thing here is that I didn’t have a wrench big enough to tighten the nuts of the bulkhead.  So, I used my vise to torque the nuts down.

Aquaponic Light Fixture Re-Wire to 110V, Removed Balast

Published on May 19, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

To light this project I decided to use LED lighting. These LED bulbs take 110v so, no ballast is required and therefore no power loss from stepping down to standard florescentbulb power requirements. Remove the center cover to expose the ballast and wiring. The ends need to be re-wired so hot is one pin and […]

3 Aquaponics Grow Bed Tables Completed

Published on May 15, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

After building the first table I was able to use it as a blueprint to build the other two Aquaponics Grow Bed Tables. Here are two done. And now there is three.   One note: I built just a table top for the 100 gallon fish tank to sit on. I added two more cross […]

Building Grow Bed Tables

Published on May 8, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

The basic construction of the table is 2 feet wide by 4 feet long by 30 inches tall. The top is constructed with the 2×4 upright to provide maximum strength and stability. The cross member is in the center at 2 feet.   The legs of the tables are placed inside the top corner joints […]

Raw Wood

Published on May 8, 2012 By Aquaponics Guru

Here is the raw wood for the grow bed tables. I have chosen to build the tables out of 2x4s, plywood, #8 3″ deck screws and wood glue.

Important details you need to know about aquaponics designs

Published on July 31, 2011 By Aquaponics Guru

We all know that there are so many ways to culture vegetable, production of herbs and flowers. And for that system aquaponics designs are the best methods that are used globally. It is type of aquaculture that is a 100% environmental free. It is one of the greatest way to you can consider if you […]

Know the environmental benefits of having aquaponics commercial

Published on July 31, 2011 By Aquaponics Guru

An aquaponics commercial farming system allows every individual to grow a high grade crop without causing an offensive damage to the environment. This type of system is really great. This controlled environment will keep the crops on a very good condition. One of the most common example structures that can create an aquaponics business system […]

Fish Aquaponics Natural Processes healthy smoothie recipes with kale

Published on July 31, 2011 By Aquaponics Guru

There are lots of how to make kale smoothies and of warm water and cold water species that are being used by the aquapponics system nowadays. But the most common cultivated fishes in aquaponics are cod, tilapia, perch, trout, bass and arctic char. The most favourable specie that thegrowers would love to cultivate is the […]

Factual information about Aquaponics Plans

Published on July 26, 2011 By Aquaponics Guru

Nowadays, many chemicals are sprayed on our foods such as vegetables and fruits. The chemicals are used as preservatives but it may also cause some adverse effects to the health of a certain individual. These are one of the reasons why some people experienced some health problems. Even news and other media groups have reported […]

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